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 Role Playing Rules.

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules.   26th January 2008, 12:22 pm

No Godmodding: no taking over someone elses character without their consent.

No Multi-Charactering: You may use ONE character per RP.

No Immortality: If you're hit, don't ignore it, bleed a little, make it seem like a real battle.

No Perfect Accuracy: If you send an attack don't make it impossible to dodge. EX. *Tonz shot at Therath and hit him in the leg* Give them a chance to dodge.

No Spamming: Do not post something off topic, or anything that will interrupt the flow of the RP.

No Profanity: Try to keep the cussing to a minimum, unless you spell it with f**k, s**t d**k, then they'll be ignored.

No Perfect Evasion: Don't make your character faster than a speeding bullet, you cannot dodge everything.

I may add more rules, don't ignore these.

(Also, do not post in the rules threads, I will put any suggestions you guys have.)


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Role Playing Rules.
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